Democratizing edible bird’s nests for everyone.
Advocating harmonious and healthy lifestyles.

Penta Harvest International (PHI) was created to democratize edible bird nest (EBN) for smart individuals with a business mind, but do not want to work out a business plan from scratch. Scientific breakthrough and invention to be at the heart of the company as the first principle of, we will continue to create the best customer experience through a sustainable product revolution.

Believe in the power of empowerment and a strong vision towards shared success, we journey towards promoting healthier life and the wellbeing of everyone through products made with beneficial properties of bird’s nests.

We aspire to create more opportunities, allowing us to harvest and enjoy to fruits of success together.

A Message From the Founder

A Message From the Founder

The vision of an entrepreneur a decade prior

Bird’s nest has always been a well-known Asian delicacy. The popularity of this exotic delicacy is not unfounded for, as it is known to bring ample health benefits. Since the early 2010s, I have noticed the vast supply chasm in the global supply chain for edible bird’s nest, better known as EBN, to meet the global demand. The industry is expected to reach USD278.96 billion by 2021.

From 2012 to 2015, we have assertively generated more supplies through production, manufacturing, and trading of EBNs, and have successfully made a name in the global arena. In other words, we have organically built a sustainable EBN ecosystem, creating many job opportunities, and on a steady race to meet the global demands. Driven by our drive for growth, exceptional teamwork, and visionary leaders, we have seen excessive progress since then.

The future of EBN

In 2017, we began creating our own demand for EBN by crafting a line of personal care products with our patented invention that reverse the effects of aging and exuberate the youthful skin of our customers.

We will bring these fantastic products through direct retailing. Penta Harvest is designed as the fastest way to engage with our customers while empowering them to be part of the success story.

Words of appreciation

Of course, all the growth and successes would not be possible without the team, our partners, and the loyal customers that have been with us throughout the journey. Therefore, I am taking this opportunity to thank everyone who made it possible.

The Driving Force of Penta Harvest International

Vision Statement

To be the leading direct selling company with the most innovative business models featuring EBN products and bring positive impact to the people to advocate a healthy lifestyle, all achieved through sustainable streams from farms to customers around the world.

Our Mission

• To grow the product portfolio of our direct retail model to benefit the members’ network of Penta Harvest

• To continually invest our time, efforts, and money in product innovation, invention and technology for more advance beneficial products in the future

• To ensure the sustainability of the network, business, and ecosystem through responsible farming, production, marketing, and distribution, all the way to the customers

Our Purpose & Promise

We want to make a harmonious and healthy lifestyle available for everyone through the roots of wellness—financial, physical, and social

Our Story

Continually leading the way towards excellent business success together with our superior product innovation using miraculous properties of EBN

Even though Penta series products may have only made their debut in 2017, but our group of companies has been in the EBN business, upstream and downstream, since 2012.

Taking direct retailing to a different level with the first bird’s nest health and beauty products in Asia with patented content to reverse the aging process, Penta Harvest aims to help the customers not just through the amazing products but also highly sustainable business.

For very long, mostly only those who can afford this luxurious delicacy get to enjoy the ample benefits of bird’s nests. We believe EBN should be attainable to many and become a daily consumable product. We want everyone to enjoy its benefits. So we focus on product innovation and marketing strategy that benefit not just our customers but our distributors too.

To ensure the success of our direct selling business model, we have total control over our entire process from farm to customers. We owned the R&D, we cultivate, produce, and process the raw materials, and we manufacture our EBN products. With a sustainable supply chain, we aim to bring more amazing products for our distributors to sell and our customers to enjoy.

We will grow our business in the next three to five years, expanding and advocating a healthy lifestyle throughout Asia, starting with Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, then to Singapore, Philippines, and Vietnam.

About Our Penta Series

⬠  An Innovative, cutting edge revolution.

⬠  Anti-sagging essence with a soft, light feel for more effective penetration and absorption.

⬠  It can firms, refines and smooths the fine line.

⬠  Achieves more defined facial contours and leaves the skin refreshed and rejuvenated.

⬠  Apply this product onto cleansed face evenly and gently, especially at wrinkles areas.

⬠  Morning and night. Avoid eyes contact.

⬠  For all ages, all ethnicities.

Our Team

Scientific Advisory Board

Chief Science Officer & Inventor

Prof. Dr. Abdul Salam Babji has a Ph.D. in Food Science & Technology, an MSc in Meat Science, a BSc in animal science from the University of Nebraska, and a diploma in agriculture, from UPM. Prof. Dr. Abdul Salam has been serving UKM in the last 42 years as a meat scientist, focusing on muscle protein and meat product development.

Renown for his prowess in the local food industry, he has ultimately led his research team over the last three years into downstream innovation studies under various research grants supported by the government, universities, and industry.

Prof. Dr. Abdul Salam and his team discovered the world’s first innovative EBN Value Added Product in 2014. It is trademarked as Bioactive EBN Hydrolysate Peptides, a highly anti-oxidative and anti-hypertensive oligo glycol-peptides soluble compounds with proven benefits to improve health and supplementing the growing population of children, youth, middle age and elderly communities with quality living and lifestyles.


Scientific Advisory Board

Vice Chief Science Officer

Dr. Ch’ng Soo Ee has a Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science & Nutrition, master’s Degree in Food Science, and a Ph.D. in Food Science from Faculty of Science and Technology, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). She has more than 15 years of research experience in food science, nutrition, and technical marketing of food ingredients. She is a Professional Member of the Malaysian Institute of Food Technologists and Nutrition Society of Malaysia. Dr. Ch’ng is also acknowledged for her work in meat and protein-based foods such as edible bird nest by enzymatic alteration of protein structure and its synergism with other ingredients by optimization of the formulations.

Over the last ten years, her works have been extended towards halal food ingredients and rules and regulations related to halal food production. Working with the experts in halal food production from universities and government bodies like UKM, University Putra Malaysia (UPM), University Islamic Malaysia (USIM), Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM), Halal Development Corporation (HDC), and State halal officers allowed her to understand the fine line that distinguishes halal meat from those not halal in the context of basic food laws and the Muslim Syariah compliance.

She is also actively involved as a technical translator for HALAL Executive Courses/HALAL Training Modules and Materials, working together with JAKIM Halal Professional Board and USIM. Currently, she is active in various research collaboration activities with China, such as China-ASEAN Technology Transfer Center (CATTC) and China Academy of Science. She is also working very closely with the Indonesian Halal Products Foundation to explore potential collaboration projects.


Board of Directors


Edwin Lim, a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Penta Harvest International, is inspired to introduce the beneficial EBN to the public through the application of new technology and multilevel marketing. He believes the multilevel network is the fastest way to bring the latest technology to market. With the foresight for booming markets, he started Harvester trading bird nest that eventually became the largest manufacturer of EBN in Malaysia. In 2016, he began partnering with UKM to leverage on their scientific expertise in EBN properties extractions. By 2018, he was running Swiftlet Holdings and had successfully built 74 birdhouses within 9 months. In 2019, he ventured into EBN products bringing the patented EBN property extraction for the public to enjoy its ample benefits.

Edwin hopes to see Penta Harvest International grows into a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to get started with fewer frictions using reliable, proven products and marketing structure. This is also where the company ethos comes from, for everyone to promote a harmonious and healthy lifestyle.

Board of Directors


Experienced in marketing, Gary Goh oversees all advertising, promotion and marketing of Penta Harvest International. He became the co-founder of the company on two significant factors in his life. One, he wants to achieve more by becoming better than his current state, and second, being a father to a beautiful twin. These are enough drives to push him to want to advocate a healthy lifestyle and harmonious relationships. He is a firm believer that nothing comes free in life. If one wants to achieve 100 percent, you need to put in 150 per cent efforts or more. Gary is driven and hopes Penta Harvest grows into a strong network of successful entrepreneurs.

Board of Directors


Chris Saw is a part of the founding team whom beliefs in the goodness of the products they are bringing to the mass. As the director overseeing the upstream operations, he has more than five years of experience in processing raw materials, raw materials trading, cleaning, and processing before the extractions of ingredients for productions. He has worked closely with Edwin on the upstream operations under Harvesters. Believing that businesses are like cakes. It would be best if you enjoyed with everyone to bring the best moment out of the journey. Therefore, he hopes Penta Harvest International will be able to bring their products to the global arena.

Board of Directors


Charlie Lim has an impressive amount of experience for over 25 years, mainly in the interior design and direct selling industries. He began his career as a young entrepreneur when he was appointed the managing director of a group of companies and dealt with multinational corporations for 15 years. He has been in interior design for the better part of his career, where during his heyday was appointed the in-house consultant of one of the top interior design magazines in the nation.

He again proved his leadership prowess when he became one of the topranking leaders in a notable international direct selling company featuring healthy products in just two years after joining. With his outstanding leadership and extensive experience across different industries, he joined a top 10 fastest-growing private company in the direct selling industry.

His career journey changed in June 2015 when he became Executive Vice President of Business Development for a British Virgin Islands (BVI) direct selling company. Then, in the year 2017, he became the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of a Hong Kong based direct selling company. Since then, Charlie helmed multiple roles as director and VP for a few more companies before becoming the CEO of Penta Harvest International.

Charlie, undoubtedly, is the most pertinent leader to helm Penta Harvest and bring the company to its glorious success from its nascent beginning.